monitoring and analyzing online circulation of publications

AZO® enables the tracking of unauthorized online circulation of e-books, audiobooks, films, games, and other digital content. It’s also a marketing and analytical tool for investigating online traffic of electronic publications. The idea of the service is to find and remove from the web the electronic publications that were uploaded without the publisher’s authorization.

AZO® looks for digital products such as e-books (ePUB, Mobipocket, PDF), audio files (audiobooks, music), games/software, and videos.

In the case of finding an electronic file in any format, the system intervenes, which results in the files being removed.


The main benefits of using AZO®:

  1. Control over online circulation of digital products
  2. Effective intervention
  3. Actual combating of unauthorized distribution
  4. Marketing information from the market
  5. High reliability of the solution


How does it work?

  1. You enter the titles to be protected into the system.
  2. The system scans the web in search of the protected publications.
  3. In the event of finding a matching file, the file is verified.
  4. If the file is an illegal copy, the operator intervenes in order to remove the file from the website in was uploaded to without the publisher’s authorization.
  5. The system allows for gathering evidence.
  6. At every stage, the client has access to search and verification results and the actions taken (files reported for removal).


The AZO® service makes it possible to obtain relevant information about:


AZO® allows for monitoring unauthorized circulation of digital products such as:

  1. E-books
  2. Audiobooks
  3. Films and TV shows
  4. Games
  5. Software


Companies that use the AZO® solution include:

  1. Publishers and manufacturers
  2. Distributors
  3. Law firms