Creating electronic publications

Creating electronic publications

our experience: 3,300+ titles

Electronic typesetting for books, periodicals, and newspapers. We prepare both fiction publications and technically advanced titles: academic, scientific, medical, and legal e-books. We also offer the preparation of interactive guides.

We guarantee a 100% score in ePUBcheck tests.


The main benefits:          

  1. Completed e-books remain in the ownership of the client
  2. The possibility of ordering an archive file (XML)
  3. The possibility of ordering a mass conversion
  4. Technical advisory
  5. Express conversion (2 days)
  6. Full professionalism: four stages of the conversion process (technical processing, technical editing, technical proofreading, tests on devices)
  7. Indefinite guarantee
  8. Testing files on devices (readers, phones, tablets)
  9. Flexibility in terms of payments



  1. We are experienced and we prepare every book with passion
  2. We believe that an electronic book may look just as good as a paper one
  3. We provide e-books you can be proud of (books created by editors and not machines, with technical proofreading and quality assurance)
  4. We accompany the client across the entire process of creating electronic books
  5. We offer the possibility of preparing an individual layout of the publication, including you own fonts and CSSs.


We have tools for converting from TEX and CYFROSET. As standard, we also prepare e-books from InDesign, Quark, MS Word, and PDF formats.

E-books you can be proud of
We read the e-books we prepare. We want them to work with no problems on every reader and to look good, like real books.


How e-books are created at

  1. Technical processing
    Our original software solves standard problems and speeds up the conversion process.
  2. Technical editing
    Technical editors add footnotes and tables of contents and format the text.
  3. Quality assurance
    Every e-book is checked by a human to make sure that it’s top-quality and error-free.
  4. Tests on devices
    We check if the e-books are properly displayed on readers and tablets.


Untypical publications?

We are experienced in converting technical and specialist books that contain complex tables and formulas and untypical solutions. Contact us to get a quotation.