audiobook + e-book

SynchroBook is a comprehensive solution allowing for simultaneous reading or listening to a book. It’s a new format of electronic publications that is a result of combining  an audiobook and a text.

Formats are synchronized using a dedicated application. The application enables smooth switching between reading and listening.


The benefits:

  1. It’s available on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 10)
  2. You can use the application while offline
  3. A new, practical format. You don’t have to choose between an e-book for reading and an audiobook for listening. SynchroBook puts these two functionalities together.
  4. Support for learning foreign languages – developing the habit of correct pronunciation, an easy way to expose yourself to a language, quick translation or vocabulary checking
  5. The product is particularly convenient for children who are learning to read


How we can help:

  1. By preparing a synchrobook
    If you have an audiobook and an e-book, we will provide you with a synchrobook.
  1. By preparing the missing content
    If you have only an audiobook, we will prepare an e-book (ePub, Mobi, demo) and a synchrobook for you. If you have only an e-book, we will prepare an audiobook and deliver a synchrobook to you.
  2. By preparing a SynchroBook module for the application you use to distribute electronic content
    Selling synchrobooks requires a module that synchronizes text and audio files. If you want to offer synchrobooks to your users, we will help you synchronize the SynchroBook module with your application.


SynchroBook enables:

  1. Putting together text, sound, and image
  2. Saving the place where the user finished reading or listening
  3. Quick and easy switching between reading and listening (you can read while in bed, on a tram, or in a waiting room; you can listen while cleaning up or driving a car)
  4. Searching the content of audiobooks (which so far has not been possible)
  5. Highlighting the text which is being read (the karaoke function), which greatly facilitates learning foreign languages


The SynchroBook technology is used by, one of the major audiobooks distributors in Europe.