Your audiobook arm in Poland

We invite you to get familiar with the samples of our voices, jingles and background music:


Perfect voice and good end product delivered on time – that’s our common interest

As a company based and operating in Poland („here”), we propose three ways of cooperation.

In the table below we show a price model with one narrator reading a text (single voice recording). A recording must be no shorter than 2 hours.

If you need a performance of multiple actors, please specify your requirements.

Additional jingles/music composed for you with unlimited licence – from 120 € per one minute.

Our voice “here”. Simple and cost effective way.


Your voice “here”.


Your voice at your place, postrecording service “here”.


Extras for all models:


All three ways are based on general assumptions:


Audiobooks is not all we can offer regarding audio! Apart from creating ebooks and audiobooks, we also synchronize them with each other – then you get a brand new form of using the content. Read more: