cloud solutions for big content providers

A comprehensive solution for big content providers. Storage, analysis, and distribution of large amounts of digital content in a cloud.


The benefits of BigContent:

  1. Storing and processing texts in a structural form (XML), which enables:
    • Easy data exchange between various IT systems
    • Easy creation of distribution files (ePub, Mobi, PDF) using XML
    • Creating links between files
  2. Automatic content analysis in order to classify items and their fragments (such as articles in a magazine) in terms of marketing
  3. Full-text search, considering the formal structure of texts and using a semantic analysis of content
  4. Generating distribution versions (ePub, Mobi, PDF) using the publications stored
  5. Managing access rights to publications or their parts
  6. Analyzing the behaviours and preferences of users/readers that can be used in recommendation systems
  7. Possible integration with:
    • Print on demand systems
    • Dedicated e-commerce systems
    • Mobile applications providing readers with access to content


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A typical company using BigContent is: