Easy Author

Easy Author

easy-to-use self-publishing system

Easy Author enables printing houses to create a self-care channel for printing orders.

Authors and small publishers get the opportunity to independently prepare and publish professionally typeset books without the need for specialist knowledge.


The main benefits of the system:

  1. The system creates a self-care channel for ordering print that can be used by authors and small publishers.
  2. Print logistics and the process of accepting orders are greatly simplified. The system’s self-care means that the team contacts the clients only in special cases. This allows the team to manage more clients without the need for additional employees (which translates to smaller personnel costs).
  3. Market expansion. The system’s end users get a tool that allows them to independently prepare and publish a professionally typeset book even with a very limited budget (no outlays on typesetting specialists and graphic designers).
  4. For simple publications, the system removes the barriers to entry: it does not require professional knowledge, mastery of the printing process, or IT knowledge (which is necessary to prepare an electronic book). The system guides the clients and helps them easily create high quality publications.


The system enables:


Reference system implementation is available at www.wydacksiazke.pl